The US election system consists of a robust system of checks and balances. There are career professionals whose job it is to ensure every American’s voice is heard fairly, both Republican and Democrat, swearing up and down that there was no wrongdoing.

There’s no evidence of fraud. None:


Almost every court case has been tossed out. The folks on board with this particular conspiracy theory won’t be satisfied even when evidence is nowhere to be found, and that’s problematic because – like the boy who cried wolf – if there IS malfeasance in the future, all the nonsense surrounding these fake claims makes it more likely that the real deal will be harder to spot.

“What’s the downside of humoring [President Trump]?” asks one senior official. It’s not hard to find the damage left in the wake of this question:

It’s OK to be skeptical when there are *legit* questions and the intent is make sure everything was on the level and legal – especially when there’s public confusion or concern about the process. That’s fine and normal oversight, not to mention a civics educational and trust-building opportunity, especially when we’ve had to do things in a new (or expanded) way due to COVID.

Pushing beyond that, insisting without evidence on a claim of impropriety, repeating lies and conspiracy theories without any evidence, disregarding the experts and independent analysts, these conspirators against the truth have entered the bananapants realm of folks who flip the table to avoid losing at a board game.

What’s happening now is beyond normal oversight; the false narrative that voter fraud pushed Biden’s ticket over the top is being supported and repeated without any evidence to back it up.

The truth matters.

When a leader shuts out experts, fills in those knowledge gaps with sycophants, trots out their cabinet to amplify the lie, and is propped up by sympathetic partisans in institutional positions dragging their feet juuuuuust enough to cause problems, you get a distinctly un-American set of actions occurring because folks become afraid to speak truth to power.

Undemocratic obstructionism sustained by cronyism, masquerading through a pretend pursuit of fairness.

Every legal vote should count – and it’s been sustained time and time again that they did, including the ones the outgoing administration doesn’t seem to like and would rather have been thrown out because they’re inconvenient to their chosen narrative.

The truth matters.

Elected officials, and average joes, just rolling along with the false narrative the election was “stolen” – unsupported by any evidence – are doing a major disservice to democracy and this country. History has its eyes on you. We have our eyes on you.

The truth matters.

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