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I host the Founded in FoCo Podcast, conducting short interviews with business owners, creatives, and artists in and around Fort Collins.

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Robert Anderson – Colorado Enterprise Fund – Founded in FoCo Podcast Founded in FoCo Podcast

Robert Anderson shares how the Colorado Enterprise Fund ensures the American Dream of entrepreneurship is equitable and well-funded! Robert is the Business Navigation Director for the Colorado Enterprise Fund and joins Nick to discuss how small businesses and nonprofits can take advantage of a competitive, affordable funding source that truly gets how small businesses (and nonprofits!) work. Learn more about Robert and the Colorado Enterprise Fund at: https://coloradoenterprisefund.org/ The Founded in FoCo Podcast is hosted by Nick Armstrong, Lead Organizer of Founded in FoCo and Geek-in-Chief of WTF Marketing (https://wtfmarketing.com). Hear more great interviews with founders in and around Fort Collins at: https://foundedinfoco.com
  1. Robert Anderson – Colorado Enterprise Fund – Founded in FoCo Podcast
  2. Edgar Ramos + Tommy Meritt – Multicultural Business Resource Center – Founded in FoCo Podcast
  3. Pam Weiser – Founded in FoCo Podcast
  4. Founded in FoCo 2023 Recap – Founded in FoCo Podcast
  5. Margaret Hedderman of Startup Colorado – Founded in FoCo Podcast
I host the WTF Marketing podcast which features short, fast-paced, action-oriented jaunts through the world of small business marketing with a focus on bringing good ideas into your community in the best way possible.

Latest episode:

Website Woes – WTF Marketing Podcast WTF Marketing

The #1 money-and-time-costing issue for most small business owners is: website woes! One of the most common issues I help new clients solve is figuring out where all their website stuff even is, and the amalgamation of years and years of small decision chaos becomes all at once frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive when something breaks. In less than 10 minutes, learn how to save yourself time, money, and frustration by organizing your website information all in one place.
  1. Website Woes – WTF Marketing Podcast
  2. Marketing in a Crisis – WTF Marketing Podcast


Your Own Best Company Podcast – 2/16/2023

The LoCo Experience Podcast – Nick Armstrong – 2/6/2023

EXPERIENCE 101 | Nick Armstrong, WTF is up with Nick, Founded in FoCo, Comic Con, and FTW Hot Sauce? The LoCo Experience

Nick Armstrong is among Fort Collins’ most interesting people!  He’s the Geek-in-Chief of WTF Marketing, the Pepper Pioneer of FTW Hot Sauce, and the Lead Organizer of both Founded in FoCo and Fort Collins Comic Con!  He’s also a freelance community organizer in various ancillary capacities, and a recently BARELY unsuccessful candidate for Fort Collins City Council.  In this episode, we zoom especially in on the Founded in FoCo event and highlight some of the amazing speakers, workshops, and events that’ll be going on. LoCo Think Tank is hosting a Celebrating our Community event to kickoff the festivities on March 1, 2023. Nick also shares about his city council run and more about his newest venture – FTW Hot Sauce, FOR THE WIN.  Tune in and enjoy my conversation with Nick Armstrong!  Episode Sponsor: InMotion, providing next-day delivery for local businesses. Contact InMotion at inmotionnoco@gmail.com💡Learn about LoCo Think Tank Follow us to see what we're up to: Instagram LinkedIn FacebookMusic By: A Brother's Fountain

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