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Mess Hunter

Mess Hunter

My very first children’s book: Mess Hunter is now available on Amazon!

Hunter loves to make messes. Do you? If so, you could be part of an elite group known as Mess Hunters. Brilliant, diverse messologists who love to document (and sometimes create) the world’s biggest messes. With the help of his uncle, Hunter discovers a new tool in his hunt for the messiest messes – a Mess-O-Pedia! Perfect for mess hunters everywhere, this book is sure to inspire creativity (and maybe a little messy gumption) in the mind of your kiddo.

Psychotic Resumes

For my 25th birthday, I took my best job search advice and wrote Psychotic Resumes:


Men in Kitchens

I joined up with a team of nutritionists to co-write a cookbook: Men in Kitchens: A Good Day to Dine Hard.


Books I’ve contributed to:

End Sex Trafficking

A collection of 60 essays written by award-winning entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and inspiring voices from around the world.


30 Ways to Bloom Your Online Relationships

30+ actionable ways to connect at a deeper level with people online, written by 30 different experts in their fields.

30 Ways to Bloom Your Online Relationships

Butter and Beast

Twelve entrepreneurs share their favorite recipes for nurturing body, mind & soul. Contributors include: Carole Murko, Janelle Hardy, Andy Hayes, Lisa Braithwaite, Ellen Brtit, Debra Smouse, Bonita Richter, Nick Armstrong, Carol Lynn Rivera, Theresa Reed, Miki DeVivo and Tea Silvestre Godfrey. 100% of net proceeds benefit to support mental health initiatives.

Butter and Beast