Graduating? Congratulations – Sort Of

There’s a few reasons I’m not worried about the economy.  First of all, I got a top-rate education at a great university.  Not only that, but I chose a degree with a few different job paths: Computer Information Systems, Marketing, and I even grabbed a Media Studies minor.  More than that, I committed myself to learning everything I possibly can about a wide range of … Continue reading Graduating? Congratulations – Sort Of

Fine-Tuning Your Personal Elevator Pitch

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a CEO Space meeting tonight.  CEO Space is a place for entrepreneurs to get together and talk about their businesses, network, find resources for problems they’re facing, and share stories together.  I’m not really an entrepreneur, but it’s not a crowd I’m unfamiliar with. Continue reading “Fine-Tuning Your Personal Elevator Pitch”

Going to Bat for Millennials

President Calvin Coolidge once said, “It takes a great man to be a good listener.”

In some ways, we need to own up to the fact that we really do come off as obnoxious punks from time to time.  It’s just our lot in life as young people.  It happened to the Gen-X’ers before us, and the Jonsers and Baby Boomers before them, and, while I hate to admit it – some Millennials are just lazy, stuck-up, spoiled brats.  Some bad apples are spoiling the bunch. Continue reading “Going to Bat for Millennials”

Millennials – You’re Right, It’s All Our Fault

Get Off My Corporate Lawn!

A quick read-through of the comments section of many articles on Millennials show just a tiny bit of contempt that young people are facing today.  Here are my favorite examples on which I have occasionally, and lovingly, retorted on.

And really, the “old fogeys” who are mad have every reason to be.  Why shouldn’t they?  I mean, the current state of our union is unilaterally the Millennials’ fault, isn’t it? Continue reading “Millennials – You’re Right, It’s All Our Fault”