General Nerdery and Building a Superhero

I decided today that I want to be a Superhero.  You know, mild mannered (kindof) by day, slaying demons and singing songs about heroics and glory by night… or at least a really kick-ass Karaoke version of Don’t Stop Believin’.   Yeah Journey.

If you know me, and chances are pretty good if you’re reading my blog – you know I’m crazy creative.  I don’t like tooting my own horn or being pretentious, I just like making people laugh.  What’s a better way to make people laugh than creating and becoming your own Superhero? Continue reading “General Nerdery and Building a Superhero”

Featured Again!

I was featured again at!  This time in the form of an interview about Gen-Y and Millennials.  My favorite quote (from me, of course!): “If our generation has a mantra, it’s just to live our lives and let history pass its own judgment. We’ll have blogged the truth about it anyway.” Hmm, is this cred?  I think this is what cred feels like.  Yeah… … Continue reading Featured Again!

Technodamus – Digital Smackdowns and Scary Searches

Tonight I found some very cool websites that I thought I would share.

The first is geared toward teens who need a Web 2.0 tool to tell their BFFs to F-Off.  Called ‘That’s Not‘ it features little digital ‘calling out’ cards you can send to your boyfriend/girlfriend/random stalker to tell them to back the hell off.  Continue reading “Technodamus – Digital Smackdowns and Scary Searches”

Coolest Eye Dr. Visit (eye pics)

Some of you might know that a while back I was diagnosed with high inter-ocular pressure… it’s a warning sign for glaucoma.

The good news was that my corneal thickness was way above average – which means that any pressure reading would be exaggerated as a result. My eyes are considered in the normal range when you take into account all the variables. Continue reading “Coolest Eye Dr. Visit (eye pics)”