From KCSU to Founded in FoCo

Second semester of my freshman year at Colorado State University, I was heading back from a late-night class through the Lory Student Center and wandered past a standing banner for 90.5 KCSU that said something like, “Your Voice/Your Radio/Your Pick – Become A DJ.”

I was kinda lost in my thoughts about whatever programming class I’d just left, so I walked on past it for about half a step before my brain caught up and processed what I’d seen; with a full-on screechy-tire sound effect, I stopped and reversed course to re-read it.

That standing banner led to me taking on DJ training with Beth and a 4-6AM show entertaining the donut makers and trash collectors with speed metal (if you played anything else, they’d call the station and complain). Through a metric ton of mentorship, learning like a sponge, and a healthy dose of luck landing better and better time slots, these skills culminated in a Society of Professional Journalists-award-winning talk show with interviews of local faculty, students, leaders, bands, comedians, you name it.

Each and every single one of those skills taught to me by my fellow students and dedicated advisors is on display with the Founded in FoCo podcast (, where you can hear ridiculously talented entrepreneurs and business experts in our community share their love of their craft.

The latest episodes feature Dayle Wickizer, Karl Dakin, Chrysta Bairre, Dain Johnson, Cindy Skalicky, Candyce Edelen, Gina Maez, and so many more…

Every time I hit record, I remember the long line of generous peers who shared what they knew just so new DJs like me could get a little bit better with each new tip or technique because success for one was a success for the whole station.

I’m honored that the folks who graciously share their time on the podcast or in person at a session at Founded in FoCo are giving back in that same way, laying the stepping stones of success for everyone who follows.

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