Tales of Transportation

Ever since my run for Fort Collins City Council in District 1, I’ve had a focus on bike lanes, sidewalks, and trails – and nowhere needs them more than North East Fort Collins.

Thanks to concerted efforts and lots and lots of asking, the City of Fort Collins and Larimer County partnered to produce the Country Club Road Open House in late July.

Big thanks to the Larimer County and City of Fort Collins staff (esp. Nicole Richter Hahn!) for putting so much care into this project. These improvements are urgent and necessary to ensure safe routes to school and safe alternative transportation options for our area!

Wanna know how amazing our City staff is? Fast forward a few weeks to now: pictured below is the 17 mile(!) bike ride Active Modes Manager Cortney Geary joined me for to tour North East FoCo’s “bike lanes”, “trails”, and “safe routes to school” 😃 (air quotes because those things largely don’t exist here).

Thank goodness for dedicated and passionate folks at the City of Fort Collins willing to play Frogger and explore in person why it’s such a vital need in our part of town to be proactive about trail and grade-separated bike lane placements. With most of the new development slated for this part of town, this infrastructure is becoming more and more vital each day.

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