Reviving Old Blog Posts and Psychotic Resumes

Psychotic Resumes

Before I took my old blog offline in 2011, I pulled all my old blog posts out and saved ’em in Word doc.

Now I’m struggling a bit with what to do with ’em.

On one hand, I really like the idea of having some of my old posts around so I have a visual reminder of where I was at. It’s taking a bit to go through the backlogs and get them back online (you can see my progress so far – I got like 6 online yesterday).

On the other hand, not everything is still relevant.

I’m thinking I might use some of the posts to expand Psychotic Resumes, specifically adding a “How To Keep Your Job” section. Yesterday I wrote about reviving Star Trek: Dimensions and that I was also going to finally start and finish my re-write of Psychotic Resumes this year.

Since the end of 2011, I was majorly struggling with HOW to accomplish that re-write, since my incredibly talented illustrator had made some minor text edits in InDesign, but I had no way to bring those back out to Pages (how I was writing back then).

Worse, the InDesign file couldn’t be ported to Amazon CreateSpace and neither could the PDF version – and more than anything, I want a physical copy of Psychotic Resumes. So it’s been one of those pipe-dream projects that just didn’t have a good solution.

Thankfully, turns out some of the work I was doing for a client had the answer. They needed one of their old books updated from PDF form into ebook format. They had an old Word file which Ali (WTF Marketing’s first employee) was able to turn into an epub… and from there, we could use Sigil to reformat the content.

Then it hit me last night: I have an .epub file of Psychotic Resumes, I can just rip the content straight out using Sigil and re-format in Scrivener. BOOM.

This is huge.

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