Bat Signal

Let’s Get Real: This Economy Requires New Rules – Part One

In Fort Collins, we get a lot of trains these days.

They’re the kind of trains that take 10-15 minutes to move past – and we don’t have any tunnels or bridges or ways to get around them, really.

So, today – I’m heading down the main thoroughfare and traffic stops. Not for 10 or 15 minutes.

It stops for 45 minutes.

was on-time for a 9 AM meeting, when suddenly I wasn’t. Now, don’t worry about me – I had plenty of fun practicing for my big moment on Season 8 of Glee.

In case you’re wondering: I’ll be playing a run-away Priest, singing the only song left in the universe that they won’t have sung yet: Jewel’s Who Will Save Your Soul – belting it out while holding up a boombox outside of Quinn Fabray’s window.

Where was I? Oh yeah: the train. held hostage. an. entire. city. 

The only problem: there wasn’t a train. The crossing guard had malfunctioned. And for 45 minutes, we sat and waited for the train.

And the only thing folks could do was sit there and wait. And fume. And check their watches. And practice their Glee auditions to the dismay and delight of their neighbors.

That was, until one enterprising individual decided to break what I’m sure is a whole slew of city, state, and federal laws, and lift the arms of the cross guard so cars could pass.

An entire city brought to its knees by one malfunctioning safety measure. An entire city rescued by someone willing to break the rules. He’s fucking Batman, got it?

The economy is a lot like what happened this morning with the train. It’s like a lot of us are just sitting around waiting for the train to come. So here’s the deal: we need to break a few rules. The old rules no longer apply, because they regulated a system that no longer exists.

Now before you get all sweaty, I am not encouraging you to riot, loot, plunder, or rob banks. None of that. Here is what I want you to do: I want you to stop thinking about all the shit you can’t do – all the things you know you can’t do. That job you can’t get. That promotion you can’t have. That project you just can’t finish. I want you to change all those can’ts to will.

Day after day – we can’t do the things we need to do, and it just keeps getting worse. Nothing changes until we convince ourselves that it’s possible (or, better yet – that we don’t know it’s not possible). It starts with you. Bruce Wayne had to make the choice to put on that mask and break the rules.

Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook give you a platform for mass publication. It’s easier than ever to create something meaningful – and only you can make the choice to use the tools you’ve been given.

What are you waiting for? The Bat Signal’s lit.

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