When Dishonesty Is Helpful

I hate white lies.

Dishonesty – especially dishonesty in business – is usually bad form.

But there are times when lies of omission can be helpful.  A lie of omission is one in which you leave out an important fact or detail.

Lies of omission can be helpful in business – for example, when you are looking for another distributor or another business partner.  Lies of omission keep information from people who don’t need to have it at the moment.

A lie of omission can also save you from awkward conversations with your boss or co-worker.  If a co-worker asks how much money you make, for example.  Or if your boss asks an overly-personal question that you’d rather avoid.

It’s always best to be honest in your dealings – if your current business partner is not meeting your needs, they might be able to turn it around if you give them the chance.

But, when you sense that the negatives of sharing the information outweigh the positives of sharing it, you might be better off omitting the truth.

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