Calling Bullsh!t: Millennials Can’t Change The World

Every new generation faces the scorn of the previous generations as those older generations grow old and crabby.

So, why does that make it okay, acceptable, or even expected, that ageist bullsh!t can fly against millennials?  We’re not supposed to get mad about that?  Just because it’s nothing new doesn’t make it acceptable.

The general consensus has always been that in order to get anywhere in this world, you had to be the biggest, baddest rock star that ever was.  Even if you managed this rare feat, you had to claw your way into the limelight, thrashing any competition out of the way so you shone the brightest.  This has been business as usual.

Millennials don’t play this way.  It’s etched into every tool we use, the multiplayer games we embrace, hell – it’s even in how we make friends.  Collaboration – teamwork.  We don’t do the whole competitive thing very often.  Some idiots say this is because we were given trophies win or lose – even just participating.  Well, I don’t know about you – but I got precisely oneof those trophies before I stopped losing.  After the one time, I had the desire to win.  So we can do the competitive thing if we need to.  But that’s not our natural environment.

World of Warcraft, Facebook, Halo capture the flag… collaboration the basis of all these methods of (millennial) expression.  Is it really so much to be mad that business as usual is allowed to continue? Is it really so much to think that we ought to be fighting back?

I think not.  And here’s how we do it:

  • We seek out mentors who encourage us to follow our goals and give us methods to get to where we want to go,
  • We make each and every relationship count,
  • We help out our friends if the benefit to the common good would be better than our personal gain, and
  • We get involved – no more apathy – whether it’s taking charge at work, volunteering for a charity, or running for office – we take charge.

We can do it.  Together we can reject business as usual and change the world. Who’s with me?

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