Calling Bullsh!t: Burn Your Bridges

The millennial generation can tell people where to go louder and quicker than any other generation in history.  And why the hell not?

We’re all after that kick-ass chair on the bridge of the Enterprise, aren’t we?  (That’s geekspeek for: “I’m going to own the world someday”.)

Like George Patton said, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” So often we’reheld back by stodgy business beliefs, generational misunderstanding, slow application processes, competition, personal inhibitions.  It’s all bullsh!t.

Tell your boss that you don’t like him or his stodgy policies anymore. It’s time for a change – and he’s either with you (and the betterment of the company) or he’s against you – and you’re ready to walk.  It takes a lot of balls and a nice little savings account to take this approach.  There’s no reason why you should persist in a meaningless job doing meaningless work for 1/3rd of your day and – if you’re lucky – 1/2 of your waking hours.

You only have one life. Recession or no, you have to take what you want. There’s no point to doing work that isn’t meaningful or worthwhile.  You simply can’t allow yourself to be scared into thinking you’re not worth a better job, a better career, a better life, a better car, a better… whatever. Businesses must adapt to us, or they will not survive. Our generation is theabsolute best at perceiving bullsh!t.  How many times have you walked into a “hip” company only to find out they’re still running Internet Explorer 6? Or that they block Facebook and MySpace?  And how many times a day did you say to yourself and your friends, “why do I work for these monkeys when they don’t trust me to stay on task?”

There’s no excuse – not the recession, not your personal financial situation, not anything – that should hold you back from pursuing your dreams.  Don’t listen to what anyone tells you – you don’t pay your dues by taking it in the rear. If the path to your dreams doesn’t exist, carve it yourself.  Start your own business.  Start your own blog.  Talk about the things you like and the things you hate.  Shout it from the rooftops and through RSS feeds.  Tell your friends and make them tell their friends.  Be loud.

We’ve had enough and we’re gonna turn the f*ckin’ car around!

Seriously. I’m so fired up because I’m tired of this ageist crap. I’ve landed amazing jobs – during this recession and with a major that looked very bleak when I was graduating. If I can do it, you can do it too. Get angry. Get motivated.

Let’s set corporate America on fire!

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