Emergencies: Screw Your Plans, Plan to be Surprised

Last week, my insides decided that they desperately wanted to form their own union, headed by my appendix.

This short-lived rebellion taught me an important lesson.  No matter what you’ve planned, you need to plan to be surprised.

Last week was supposed to be my final week at a job.  Which meant I still had 3 days worth of training for my replacement planned.  I was also supposed to start my new job on Tuesday.  Neither of those things are going to happen while I’m every bit the equivalent of a drugged-up 70 year old.

You can’t exactly plead with your appendix to hold off for a few more days.  No, instead – that monkey affixes itself squarely on your back.  You have to take care of it then and there or else it’ll poop on you.  And metaphorical monkey poop representing somehing having to do with a malfunctioning appendix is not something I want to explore in depth.

I changed up my plans.  It was the only thing to do.  Ignoring the pain might have lasted for a small while before my appendix decided to erupt like a diet coke bottle filled with mentos.  Being flexible with my plans required that I knew what was a priority and what wasn’t.  That meant that living took precedence over training a replacement.  And the new job takes precedence over training a replacement, too.

Even though my old company might be worse off in the short-term because they didn’t get their next two days of training, I’m still alive to give them some time after I start in on my new position… and all that after I’ve recovered to the point where I don’t look or feel like Mr. McCloud.

Emergencies screw up your plans… so, just plan to be surprised and know what’s important.  One last thing – knowing who to and how to delegate small tasks can be just as important.  A friend who takes on your menial tasks while you reorganize and focus on the harder tasks can save you a lot of time!

PS – this unfortunately means I won’t be doing a podcast for a little while, but if you have a question you want answered, feel free to e-mail me.

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