Getting Noticed After You Graduate

You’ve shed your Graduation Gown, turned your tassel, thrown your cap… and had a stream of raging keggers over the weekend.

Now what?

Well, if you’re like most people I know, you call up mom and dad and ask ‘em what they did with your old room.  Fresh baked cookies, Mom dinners, free laundry… oh yeah.  Paradise.

Until you bring someone home with you.  Then, all the glorious “this is my house, respect my author-it-ah!” rules come back out, complete with the four-to-five years of collected dust since High School.

“Leave your door open!”
“Hand check!”
“You didn’t graduate to become a doctor, there’s no reason to be studying anatomy.”

So how do you avoid this horror of horrors?  You have to make it stupidly easy to get noticed by potential employers.

Start a blog, create an online portfolio – put all your cool college work online, grab your name’s Gmail account, get a Gravatar account, Twitter your brains out, network, connect, go to career fairs and pass out your resume with your website and vice versa.  That’s step one.

Step two is actually using those tools to network effectively. Post comments on other people’s blogs – give honest feedback – with a link to your blog. Spread your LinkedIn profile around like some sort of crazy social disease. Make friends and network and talk to people – find every excuse to say yesto opportunities rather than telling them what you can’t do.

Sure, it’s not exactly a clean-cut process… but everybody has made at least one friend, right? So go out there, make some digital friends and some new in-person ones, and share your expertise with the world!

And if you absolutely need further inspiration, here it is: Blogging is Essential for a Good Career by Penelope Trunk.

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