Search Engine Optimization WIN

Now, I don’t mean to gloat (okay, yes I do…), but I have been telling the Marketing Director at the workplace I resigned from last week that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no big deal.  I’ve told him that for the last seven or eight months.

These are people who are terrified to make any sort of switch lest they destroy the preciously garnered SEO.  They’ve also demanded utter and full control over the websites.  I’ve begged them to be more flexible with the websites, to let our two departments (Application Development and Marketing) work towards improving the pages and fixing them up.

The war-cry of the old ways is “We can’t change anything or we’ll lose our SEO – and no dynamic URL re-writes, that will break it too!”

I’ve been doing my own little SEO experiment while creating my blogs.  From time to time, I like to check where I’m ranked on a Google Search.  It’s motivating for me, since I know that if I’m low or non-existent, I have a lot more work to do.  I found out this morning, I have a pretty good handle on my Search Engine Optimization.

First I did a search on my name.  I didn’t use “Fort Collins” or “Nick Armstrong” in quotes or anything like that.  Just Nick Armstrong.

I was on the first page as #6 and 7 of 3,400,000!

Not bad for having only started in September.  Adding Fort Collins, CO to the search brings up almost everything I’ve done since college.  You’ll also notice that there’s two Nick Armstrongs in Fort Collins, CO – my number and address aren’t listed there.  I think it’s creepy to be able to find where I live from a Google search.

While I was at it, I also searched for the terms Gen-Y Resume and Millennial Resume, and a huge surprise to me: I was #2 and 3 in “Millennial Resume” with 56,000 related results and #1 in “Gen-Y Resume” of 344,000 related results! :)

This morning I showed the Marketing Director these pages, and the first words out of his mouth were, “Oh, yeah… well, out of 56,000, you don’t have much competition.”  I showed him the Gen-Y results and my personal name results… and a quiet fell over the room.  “Click on the cached view,” he said – beads of sweat forming on his brow.

I waited.

“Nice picture,” he said.

You know what I call that?  I call that a WIN.

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