Death and Taxes

My office is a little out of control. I’m really trying to simplify my life.

When Granny AJ died, dad told me that she’d kept meticulous records of everything… from every tooth she’d ever had worked on to every doctor visit and the receipts.  It made it nearly impossible to go through and find what was really important.

It got me thinking… what would happen if I died tomorrow.  Would people know where to look?  What was really important?  Probably not.  But somehow I keep managing to stack this crap up somehow.  Books and more books in a never-ending cascading pile of crap.

I think maybe we’re better off than Granny was – we’ve got bank records online and Facebook to store our old photographs.  I have a picture of me and Granny AJ – it was taken with a digital camera… and I consider that the most important semi-tangible thing I have of her.  I wouldn’t know what to do with something actually tangible.

You suppose that’s a flaw?  I’m not sure.

Back to my office, I’ve got about six distinct piles of stuff. Oh… yeah, and my tax documents are buried in here somewhere too.

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