Featured Again!

I was featured again at CheezHead.com!  This time in the form of an interview about Gen-Y and Millennials.  My favorite quote (from me, of course!):

“If our generation has a mantra, it’s just to live our lives and let history pass its own judgment. We’ll have blogged the truth about it anyway.”

Hmm, is this cred?  I think this is what cred feels like.  Yeah… street cred!

Oh… yeah, I know.  Some of my quotes were a little pointed.  Believe me, I hear the axes being sharpened – but I don’t believe any of my quotes were unfair. Here’s the jist:

“Millennials are going to change the face of business,” Nick Armstrong, of PsychoticResumes.com, said. “Because we multi-task so well, I doubt the eight-hour work day will last much past the economic downturn. I doubt that the eight-hour shift in the office will last either. Personally, I lack the focus to sit in a dreary office, listening to my co-workers ruminate on whatever healthy food they brought in, hear Nosey Nancy gossip about everything and everyone, and spend half my day getting belittled by a patronizing, condescending, hypocritical managerial staff.”

Check out the awesome article by Jennifer Carpenter here: http://www.cheezhead.com/2009/02/17/jc-positives-of-gen-y/

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