Technodamus – Digital Smackdowns and Scary Searches

Tonight I found some very cool websites that I thought I would share.

The first is geared toward teens who need a Web 2.0 tool to tell their BFFs to F-Off.  Called ‘That’s Not‘ it features little digital ‘calling out’ cards you can send to your boyfriend/girlfriend/random stalker to tell them to back the hell off. I’m not sure how much I like it (even though I’ve definitely had every excuse to use it on a few of my acquaintances…) It seems a little too direct and too mean, leaving me to wonder what the retribution would be for sending one of those…

The second is an article from PARADE magazine online about the length of time search engine sites retain your searches.  Watch out the next time you Google for porn – if it was less than 9 months ago, they still have the record of you doing so.

Worse than that, Microsoft who keeps the records for 12 months. Yahoo seems to be your best bet if you’re searching for the best method to kill your neighbors: they only store the information for 90 days.

All of us can probably remember when AOL released those search engine searches – and they tracked users down specifically based on what they were querying for… Hmm… creepy.

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