Coolest Eye Dr. Visit (eye pics)

Some of you might know that a while back I was diagnosed with high inter-ocular pressure… it’s a warning sign for glaucoma.

The good news was that my corneal thickness was way above average – which means that any pressure reading would be exaggerated as a result. My eyes are considered in the normal range when you take into account all the variables.Even so, the Dr. wanted to get a scan of my optic nerve as a baseline for future comparisons.  He performed a Heidelberg Retina Topograph. It basically uses a low-intensity laser to scan the surface of your optic nerve, layer by layer, and then uses that data to generate a 3D picture.

The results were very good – I have very high nerve density in both eyes.  I check out just fine, even though my eyes aren’t very symmetrical on the inside. You’re basically looking into a microscope with a chin-rest, and on the inside, there’s an LED on the left or the right side, depending on which eye they’re scanning.

Each eye takes about 5 seconds, during which you look at the green LED while a checkerboard square of red light pulses rapid-fire style, centered in your field of vision.  There wasn’t any pain or discomfort, the light wasn’t particularly intense and it didn’t leave any ghosts or after-images, although it did feel like I felt the checkerboard on the back of my eye with each pulse.

It wasn’t unpleasant, just… odd. The best part was the 3D image – the technician showed me the lines and contours of my optic nerve, which was gee-wiz level cool, so I thought I’d share the paper they gave me.


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