Graduating? Congratulations – Sort Of

There’s a few reasons I’m not worried about the economy.  First of all, I got a top-rate education at a great university.  Not only that, but I chose a degree with a few different job paths: Computer Information Systems, Marketing, and I even grabbed a Media Studies minor.  More than that, I committed myself to learning everything I possibly can about a wide range of subjects.

Even so, I know that I’d have a little bit of a rough time finding a job if I were looking.  My skills just aren’t as fresh as those belonging to the class of 2009… or even the class of 2008…

Even though you’re entering into a bad economy – and there are always lots of scary articles out there (hey – journalists need to get paid, too), there’s really no reason to freak out.  You might not be doing exactly what you want at first, but within 5 years, this downward trend is gonna be ancient history.

Set yourself up for updating your skills as often as possible, make as many connections as you can using tools like LinkedIn and Facebook, and make yourself as visible as possible using a blog and by doing a good job at the work you’re assigned to.  Then, when the market picks back up, you can do whatever you want!

So, class of 2008… class of 2009… keep your chin up.  It’s a rough world out there, but someone’s got to run it.  Let’s make it the millennial generation! :-)

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