Feeling The Buzz

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been sick lately and silly me, I failed to build up a backlog of posts. I’m working on that. Also, you should hear the next episode of the podcast sometime this weekend. There are just not enough hours in the day.I’ve got three blogs, four websites, and two podcasts to maintain… not to mention an 8 hour work day, a girlfriend, a cat… Rock Band 2… My point is, 24 hours is not enough time to work, love, do things you enjoy, and sleep.

Where that leaves most people is a quarter-life crisis, followed by a mid-life crisis, followed by a 3/4ths-life crisis… and then, well… hopefully the Big Giant Head has found a way for us to have more than 24 hours after life.

According to the New Yorker, Americans work 25% more hours than their European counterparts… but are no more productive. The difference is in the amount of leisure time and wealth – that is, Americans have more wealth, but less leisure time, than Europeans.

In 2008, American median leisure time dropped 20% to 16 hours a week, and median hours worked jumped to 46 hours a week. Some people, myself included, use caffeine to even the playing field. Of course, this is usually at the expense of sleep.

I think caffeine is just a distraction from the real problem – we’re wasting our time doing things we don’t like to do, things that aren’t meaningful or important. It can’t just be a time management problem.

We aren’t doing the meaningful work we enjoy; we’re wasting time. Stop doing the things you hate. If you hate your job, you’re not going to do very good at it anyway. Sure, you might do just enough to get by, but that’s not fair to your employer or to you.

Of course you should try and tough some things out, but when you find something you enjoy – stick to it. Opportunity will eventually come around. Look for opportunities to reasonably expand your duties at work in directions you might find more rewarding.

For example, if you work in sales but want to be in marketing – figuring out a sales trend and how to better exploit it via a marketing campaign, then presenting that to a trustworthy superior, might be just the kick-in-the-pants your career needs to get moving in the right direction.

I’m sure there’s those out there who’ll say that’s just not realistic. Look at the economy, 13% unemployment… right? There will always be demand for competent professionals to replace those people who are just skating by. They say we’re the keepers of our own destiny.

We’re the only ones who know what will make us happy; it makes sense that we should grab a hold of what we want in life and pursue it relentlessly until we get it or find something better.

The next time you reach for that can of Monster, remember that the call of doing important, meaningful things should be enough to keep anyone awake.

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