Shock and Awe (Millennial Style)

Shock and awe.  It gets attention.

I was a little peeved.  I watched this video on my generation from on Hulu.

I posted the below as a response.  We’ll see if my comments get taken down.  Think I over-reacted?

Speaking as a Millennial: I find this video highly demeaning.  I find the comments equally demeaning.

First of all, I hate “group work” and I hate micromanagers.  Both waste my time and yours – and if I’m not able to get work done, the company doesn’t prosper.  If my boss did what you are suggesting and checked in every few hours, I would tire of it very quickly.

I grew up in a household with no doting parents.  I don’t expect ANYTHING extra for working extra hours – and if I rolled in at noon, I would fully expect my boss to fire me.  I don’t act or dress like a lazy slob.

I expect fairness and honesty in an employer.  Sometimes I get neither.

To say that we know nothing about the corporate world is a slap in the face.  Our generation searches and indexes things faster than any other generation.  Where older generations had libraries and sneakernet searches, we have Wikipedia and instant cross-verification.  We know things.  And what we know is that the old way of doing things doesn’t work.

The current economic crisis was fueled by Greed.  Gen-X Children, instead of going to build new space exploration vehicles or going beyond in other ways to achieve great things, ended up going to work for Big BioMed and Big Oil, Big Litigation or some other damn thing fueled by greed.  Can you see why Gen-Y is mad?  You’ve contributed an energy crisis and “stimulating” drugs.

As for this being a “two way street” – we don’t have to respect a damn thing you do by default.  Older generations now in power ruined the economy with corporate greed.  We’ve made significant contributions to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and oh yeah, Hulu – and we’re the generation using these platforms daily.  So, you tell me who has better business sense?  Enron, Tyco, GlobalCrossing.  Your baloney has a first name and it’s S-U-C-K.

Millennials are connected. We’re changing the face of business and you’re either with us or against us. Corporate greed isn’t going to fly anymore.

Go ahead, fire us. We’ll make our own business and do it better than you. We’ll use our super-ADD-riddled brains to out-do you in every way. Mismanage us and we’ll rain on your parade faster than you can say “Bailout”.

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