Fear Kills in Tough Times

Hey, dammit – what the hell are you doing ranting and raving about old people when most of them are laying us young kids off?

I get it.  Times are tough.  The economy sucks.  Calling unemployment takes anywhere between two and three days now.

Why have I blatantly been ignoring it?  I suppose for the same reasons that most other media has been ranting and raving about it for the last… three months?  Gosh, has it been that long?  Whatever.

The simple fact is, businesses – mostly local, less global corporations, will always have a few spots open for highly talented, highly motivated individuals.  The younger, more naive, the better.  While the national or even state unemployment rates can be skyrocketing, the smart individual can get a job and beat the odds.

Global corporations are the ones that are least likely to hire during this period – though they might still offer contractor openings for 3-6 month periods.  In an economy like this one, you do what you have to do to pay the rent.  But always remember that the best investment you can ever make is one in yourself: read up on your chosen profession, try to find the latest trends, master them, and integrate them into your job performance.

The better you are at improving yourself, the more employable long-term you’ll be.  If you have a job, you’ll be able to keep it.  If you are looking for a job, you’ll be able to find one faster.  Unfortunately, all this “success” happens at the expense of your fellow workers who don’t improve and invest in themselves.

Subscribing to the fear mentality of, “OMG I could lose my job any day now” is the #1 killer of careers.  There’s no reason to be fearful of something you can’t change.  You just have to do the best you can at the tasks that you’re given and keep your resume up to date.  If you keep yourself busy on improving yourself and improving your work, you won’t have time to dread what’s coming around the corner.  Do that consistently and you’re unlikely to be laid off, but nothing’s promised.

Some CEOs and business owners are penny-pinching Grinches who care only about their bottom line and nothing about the people who keep them in their penthouses and jets.  Just do the best you can and remember one simple thing:

We’re all growing up to take their corner offices some day.  Our legacy can be much different than theirs. We can be better.

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