Recovering From Foot-in-Mouth Disorder

It’s been one of those days.  The sun is shining, but not on you.  The birds are singing outside, but they’ve also dive-bombed your car.  You walk into work with all this glorious energy and frustration in your possession.  Then your “favorite person” from work confronts you about the fact that you’re two minutes late.

I know what choice words I would have in that situation.  Of course, at some point I learned to keep those psychotic words in my head unless it’s a really good rant.  Maybe it’s on old people.  Maybe not.  Let’s move on.

“They” say you should take a deep breath, count to ten… but in my opinion that makes you look just as psychotic as if you’d started off on your rant.  We’ve all seen “that guy” too, who takes a deep breath, counts to ten, and is beet-red the rest of the day as his hair gets messier and messier, his posture gets worse and worse, and they find him dead on the floor of his one bedroom apartment being eaten by his cats.

From Doctors to Psychologists, everyone says it’s not a good idea to hold all that energy in.  You have to do something with it – I choose to be creative and tell other people what to do via a series of blogs.  I also have a really good collection of one-liners that I can use to get “my favorite person” at work to STFU.  I can laugh, I’m not going to be so frustrated, and if “my favorite person” doesn’t talk to me for a while longer, even better.  So what should you do?  Probably the same!

Finding a way to laugh about whatever it is that is bugging you is probably the best way to deal with stress.  You can’t exactly laugh in your boss’s face, though, so what do you do when your antagonist is your boss?  It helps to be on your boss’s good side, just so that you CAN bring up something to laugh about.  But if you’re not – then you sometimes just have to suck it up and take it.  Then complain to your support network.

What’s a support network?  Facebook, your drinking buddies, LiveJournal, a blog…

Let’s face it – handling criticism is not our generation’s strong point. Being able to handle criticism gracefully is a key component to success for a member of any generation.  Unfortunately, this also requires patience and being able to accept that you could be wrong.  While these aren’t the easiest to learn, they can be well worth the effort when they keep you from getting fired.

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