It should go without saying that being at the top numbs you to certain duties you might have performed on your way up.

Maybe, though, you’re a young professional.  And you are being asked to go outside your area of expertise on a project – or to pitch in in an area you’re not all that familiar with or that, frankly, is beneath you.

Well, never fear, Vader.  So long as it’s not a permanent change, you should really do it anyway…

It’s a perfect way to expand your skillset.  Or maybe impress your boss.  Or help your friend.  In all seriousness, though – you should at the very least consider it.  I’m serious!  There’s no better way to impress people than to replace the paper towels in the bathroom, retrieve a heavy box from a top shelf for that short co-worker, learn particle physics to fix the LHC before the winter…

Okay, so maybe you can use the force for those menial tasks.  But, looking at those more challenging tasks, what if you discover something you like doing – like figuring out the Search Engine Optimization if you’re a Web Programmer, effectively turning yourself into a Web Marketer for a day.  Don’t like doing it?  Still a skill you can add to your resume…

You never know how who you help and what you do will turn around and help you out in the long run, so go for it!

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