Here Goes…

Note: these posts in the “historical archive” are from my FIRST blog, which later became Psychotic Resumes. I’m bringing them back for historical purposes (and so I can remember what I wrote, haha).

Admittedly, I may not be the first one to think about this…

The other day, I was reading over my friend’s resume – he graduated college this year and has yet to find a career position. He’s got a stable job at a decent company. Unfortunately, you have to use that filthy R-word to explain what he does.

Retail.Well, okay. Retail really isn’t a dirty word. But it is to him – because he has a four-year bachelor of science degree, damnit.

See, the problem is that his goals are set a lot higher than his current job. He has aspirations that he knows he can achieve, because, after all – he DID go through all that work of getting a degree. So, why isn’t he where he thinks he should be?

Now, this isn’t his fault – career centers, parental advice and job fair preparations can only go so far. The job market is fickle, right? There’s no growth in the economy right now. It’s a seasonal career. Right? Maybe. Not really.

It is his fault, you know?

He needs to know this stuff just as much as I needed to know it when I was in his position – back when it was my fault. And it WAS my fault – until I learned better.

Admitting you have a problem… sucks AND is half the battle.

You have to admit it or you’ll never get better. It is totally, utterly, and unabashedly your fault that you aren’t where you want to be. The caveat is that life isn’t always fair; it is only human to make no mistakes and still fail. I learned that from Star Trek.

Anyway, my friend is not the only one to blame, either. I have read a LOT of resumes and cover letters, of college students as well as people well into the middle of their careers. I’ve listened to interview techniques from people twenty years older than me – and cringed at what I’ve heard.

These aren’t dumb people.

My friend certainly isn’t dumb – he can run circles around me any day. They have their own four year degrees, or ten years of experience, or whatever. They really just don’t know that what they’ve been doing was wrong.

I know there’s a better way – and usually my advice, when heeded, is rewarded with better pay, a better position, a first job, a landed interview… It is only logical: a better resume, a stronger cover letter, an aced interview – these are the things that get you where you want to go.

So, I’ve created this blog in hopes that I can spread my advice to the masses. Or, at least to you. Hopefully we’ll both learn something in the process!

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